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  1. Box Van

    Lider Box Van 35920

    The Lider Box Van is a versatile trailer with many uses.
    Full Certified EU Type approval.
  2. Lider Florence 32330

    Lider Florence 32330

    A 7x4 twin axle un-braked trailer in the Lider Domestic range, suitable for general use, made more versatile by the addition of Double Height Sides, ABS Lid, etc.
  3. Car Trailer

    Lider Saragos 32220

    The Mid Range trailer in the Lider Range suitable as a camping Trailer, or carrying Luggage, those fishing trips, garden trimmings going to the amenities centres with your rubbish, etc.
  4.  Car Trailer 13"wheels

    Lider Seville 32210-13P

    Our smallest trailer with a host of accessories, ideal as Camping trailer or for carrying luggage, those fishing trips, garden trimmings etc..
  5. Saragos Flat Cover

    Saragos Flat Cover

    A Heavy Duty Flat cover with eyelets and bungee cord.
  6. TEMA Pro 2012

    TEMA Pro 2012

    Single axle un-braked 6 x4 Car Trailer

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