Leroni Trailers Ireland

Sole all Ireland distributors for Lider and Sun-way Trailers.

Welcome to Leroni Trailers Ltd. we are based in County Meath and we can supply you with a large range of car trailers.

We are the Sole Authorisied Distributors in Ireland, for the French manufacturers Lider / Sunway and Mecanorem , who are all part of the Trigano Group.

We also represent in Ireland the UK based trailer manufacturer Tow Master, who specilise in Exhibition and Catering Trailers.

Also we are the Official Aurhorisied Dealer for  Brian James Trailers in Leinster 

From these Trailer manufacturers we can supply you with the car trailer that you need.

From our extensive range of car trailers we can supply domestic trailers, camping trailers, motorbike trailers, general duty trailers, platform or flatbed trailers, car transporter trailers, tipping trailers, plant trailers, tilting platform trailers, boat trailers, exhibition trailers, display trailers, catering trailers and hydraulic boat yard trailers.

We are pleased to assist and advise you with regards to your Car Trailer requirements from 500kg up to 3500 kg.  


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